Samsung Galaxy S8 Recording Audio Professional

Samsung Galaxy S8 Recording Audio Professional - If you need to record an audio as Professional, you can use voice recording app in this phone, or download another audio record from playstore. Samsung Galaxy S8 Recording Audio Professional!!! If you need to great audio like a pro using this phone, please record the audio using the microphone line on the headphone jack, and combine your strero into mono using the handphone jack splitter. Its usefull to insert audio line and the port headphone audio out become two line. Now the low frequency can recorded into great sounds like a pro. Samsung Galaxy S8 Manual to record using Voice Recorder app

  1. 1. Connect audio input into headphone jack using 3.5mm jack splitter
  2. 2. Open the Samsung folder and launch the Voice Recorder app.
  3. 3. Tap to start recording.
  4. 4. Tap to finish recording.
  5. 5. Enter a file name and tap SAVE

You can play the recorded audio by open the voice recorder app and see the recording list, just tap to play. If you an advaced you can explore your Samsung android file, check file location on internal or external, go to voice recorder folder and play.

Congratulations, Now you can use your Samsung Galaxy S8 to recording Audio like professional that have a great sound. This guide and tutorial hope can help you to create a home recording studio.

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